Monday, March 1, 2010

Go Goa

Things Goa is known for other than just beaches

Nature: Sunrise

Richness : Pearl

Foreigners : Market place


SeaFood and Night life: Candle light dinner

Market place: Handicrafts


NIM said...

Amazing picture dude! Love the sunrise skyscape :D and the colourful elephants...

LAN said...

Thanks nim!! the elephant was hard work as there was less light; i am glad u liked it

NIM said...

so did u use flash or slow shutter speed?

LAN said...

i did not use flash; slow shutter speed!!

NIM said...

which camera do u hav? i want to buy an DSLR soon...thinking b/w a canon eos1000 or nikon d3000.
both the kit lenses are 10-50mm so not much diff... i guess

LAN said...

I have a canon 1000D;
it comes with the 18-55mm lens
i dont know about nikon man...10-50 is wrong i guess; i have a 55-250 mm lens also

NIM said...

ya nikon has a 18-55mm lens in its kit...my mistake.... how much did the 55-250mm cost u?