Thursday, August 27, 2009

A stroll to catch Lord Ganesha

The most expensive Ganesha in the whole of Mumbai!! Almost konkani style:

GSB Seva Mandal :King's Circle

This was at Matunga, it is south India Tamil style..

This again at Matunga, but north India style

Some time for my photography too!! This is the top of my car, it was drizzling!!

Here the top of the car is in focus. (Back ground blur)

Here the focus is on the back ground (The top of the car is in the dark area)


nitin said...

Superb photos of Ganapati! more please....

LAN said...

Hey thanks; more snaps to come :) :)

Dip said...

beautiful... the eyebrows are so real!! in the south indian one.

nice snaps :) your camera is very saaxxxxy

LAN said...

Thanks thanks :) :) it is sure saaxy :P :P

Padmini Satish Kumar said...

Nice pics LAN..I liked the top one a lot.. !

LAN said...

@ Padmini: Thanks for visiting my blog!! you have a great photo blog; i am so impressed with it!! I saw the making of ganesha day to day :) :) you have great snaps of birds too; could not check all; but it is awesome!! I am just a beginner starting off with photography as my hobby; thanks!!