Thursday, January 7, 2010

Birds on wall

This is Indian Pond Heron!!
Ours Loyal crow

This is taken from my new lens 50mm/f1.8
nice clarity


NIM said...

hey awesome pics... coincidently even I've been clicking birds pics.. I've put em up on my blog. check it out... :)

My name is Erin. said...

These are really cool! I'm turning into a total bird geek. I posted a photo of a bird today, too.

I LOVE your description of yourself, by the way.

Catalina Lemus Fett said...

It costs a photo comes out at night. But I find it ^ ^

Thanks for your comment and second bird, looks bad. As you will eat the eye. Jejejeje


Catalina Lemus Fett said...

The green color is an effect of the camera.
Sorry for not having answered before, I forgot.

Greetings again.

LAN said...

@NIM: Thanks a lot!! I left a comment on your blog :)
@Erin: Thanks :) :) birds are really cute!!
@Catalina: Hey tell me how you got the pictures, what settings ? which camera do you use ?

Carine said...

For some reason, I'm scared by birds so can't really appreciate their beauty :p but the last shot is so beautiful. Love the light, and the clarity.

LAN said...

@Carine: Sorry for the late reply... thanks for visiting my blog... thanks for your kind comments