Saturday, November 7, 2009

Recent trip to Israel

It rains in the winter in Israel, the winds were very strong

The rains did come and washed off one of my weekends :(

A beautiful sunset (Actually my last day there)

I am really not sure; about this leaf; but it is rare they say;

This I took of the water in a fountain.

The flag of Israel; it does look majestic

Tel Aviv beach; with the flag half torn because of the strong winds.

A live band night at a place called Papa's


Magali said...

Wow! I've just become interested in photography & got my first dSLR recently (Canon EOS 1000D)
I must say, your pics are lovely. Are you a professional photographer?

LAN said...

Hey!! no, i am a hobbyist; just normal guy; even i have the 1000D, Thanks, I learnt photography with some sessions,
Thanks again to check my blog out!! :)

Escapist said...

Interesting pictures:-)

LAN said...

hey; thanks!! :) thanks for visiting my blog!! :)

Magali said...

Hey cool! 'samepich!'

My name is Erin. said...

Thanks for following My Camera. So nice to have another friend. : ) I enjoyed looking at your photos. I especially enjoyed the photo of the live band. It makes me feel so much more connected to people outside the States, because it's a scene I've seen so many times, in so many different places here. We all really have more in common than we do differences. I look forward to seeing more in the future.

LAN said...

@Erin: Thanks for coming by, the live band were really awesome; The violinist was really rocking it!! :) :)